Amerado’s Steals Kwasi Amewuga Popular Slogan [Video]

Amerado uses Kwasi Amewuga’s popular slogan while singing in a video.

Amerado uses Western North’s young and talented rapper Kwasi Amewuga’s “Obia boa” slogan while singing one of his rap songs.

Kwasi Amewuga

Kwasi Amewuga is one of the youngest and most talented rappers in the Western North Region of Ghana. He is also known for his trending music which includes one of his singles titled “Make Them Tell You”. This single is also known to be one of Kwasi Amewuga’s trending music worldwide. However, Kwasi Amewuga is also well known for using the popular slogan ” Obia boa”.

Kwasi Amewuga is well known to be the son of the popular rapper called Amerado. Amerado is a Ghanaian talented rapper, who hails from Kumasi. Some of Amerado’s hit rap songs include “Abotr3″ which featured Black Sheriff, “Sika Dam” and “Metua”.


In a recent video that has been circulating, which was also spotted by, Amerado was seen happily rapping with Amewuga’s popular slogan “Obia boa”. Similarly, the title of this new rap song is also “Obia Boa”.

However, in the spotted video, Amerado was seen singing his newly released rap music. He was happily using the “obia boa” slogan which also depicts the title of the song repeatedly.

Check the video below;

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