Nationwide tackles distracted driving with new partnership.

On a typical day on American roads, eight people are killed and hundreds injured due to distracted driving, according to the National Security Council. Whether drivers text, scroll through social media, check email, change music, or just reach for their electronic devices, distractions can kill very quickly.

The risk of distracted driving increases exponentially when considering the size and performance of a commercial vehicle.

Compared to private drivers, truck drivers are 23 times more likely to cause an accident while texting from the wheel, 7 times more likely to reach for their electronic device and 6 times more likely to use a phone. a company focused on reducing cell phone distraction while driving to help commercial fleets.

In an effort to eliminate distracted driving and reduce the harmful use of mobile phones by commercial truck drivers, Nationwide has signed a new partnership with NoCell, offering Nationwide fleet customers access to NoCell’s distracted driving management platform. NoCell technology helps eliminate the risk of distraction by disabling annoying phone apps and functions while driving.

Fleet managers can customize mobile policies to suit their fleet and choose which phone features and apps are enabled (e.g., 911, music, maps) or disabled (e.g., social media, text messaging) while the vehicle is in motion.

The NOCELL solution uses an application on the driver’s device, a non-intrusive NOCELL tag connected to the vehicle, and a back-end system to detect when the vehicle is moving, disable unauthorized cell phone functions, and notify fleet managers when events occur.

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Access to NoCell’s switchable driving technology is the latest in Nationwide’s broad suite of commercial fleet risk management tools and complements other solutions such as telematics and surveillance cameras to enhance driver safety and security.

“Driving disorders are not only a problem for commercial vehicles; this is America’s road problem,” said Gary Flaherty, senior vice president of E&S Commercial Vehicles at Nationwide. “Our number one goal is to ensure people return home safely at night and that they are saving lives by cultivating a culture of safety with our customers.

We aim to protect our business with the utmost care, not only through the insurance coverage we offer, but also through risk management tools [packages] to help clients reduce the frequency and severity of incidents.

“Fleet managers want and need to be able to control [what risk they may pose to their drivers] and distracted driving is one element that is of course under the control of road carriers.

By installing the NOCELL solution, they can control their driver’s devices while driving and reduce the risk of distracted or risky driving. Using technology like this sends a signal to us [insurance companies] that customers want to be best in class, they want to have a safety culture and they want their drivers to get home safely at night.

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At Nationwide, we want to support them and we want to continue to demonstrate these technologies and how they help reduce risk. That’s why we’re so excited about this new partnership with NoCell.”

The new NOCELL solution expands the range of risk management and telematics capabilities offered to National E&S commercial vehicle insurance companies. In the past, some of these tools, such as in-cab cameras, have been resisted by drivers who fear the “Big Brother is looking at you” effect. However, Flaherty said NoCell’s solution has a different view of drivers.

“While the stigma surrounding certain [risk management] tools persists to some extent today, this NoCell solution is a very different technology and approach,” Flaherty said. “It is very important for fleet managers and for us around the world to feel supported and we want them to know that we care about them.

“The choice that NoCell offers and the ability to customize what apps run on the driver’s device while on the road – I think it resonates well with drivers because it shows, ‘You don’t just care about me, you care about me around. me too.”

Allows some of these apps to come on my device and support me when I’m away from home, away from my family and doing the things I need to do, love and love.” I think this is very true. important in today’s environment where driver shortages are clearly a top priority for anyone serving this industry.”

Nationally will not accept certain customer data as part of the new partnership with NoCell.

Flaherty stressed that the goal of the partnership was never to obtain data and use it at every level of capacity adoption; Rather, it is a “pure approach to helping transport companies combat distracted driving”.

Insurance companies are now working with NoCell to produce summary reports to better understand distracted driving and how NoCell’s solutions can help reduce the frequency and severity of incidents.

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