Ghana Arrives In Nigeria with Their Staircase

Last week Friday, March 25, 2022, Ghana hosted the super Eagles of Nigeria in Kumasi. That was the first tier of their World Cup Qualifies fixture. The Nigerians arrived in Ghana on the eve of the fixture but how they were welcomed got a lot of people cantankerous about it.

When it was time for the Nigerians to make their way down the plane they had to stretch, squat and hop because the staircase that was given to them was a bit lower. This got a lot of people suggesting that the worse would be done to the Black Stars of Ghana. But how did the Black Stars arrive in Abuja?World Cup Qualifies: Ghana vs Nigeria

The Ghana Black Stars arrived in Abuja earlier today in a plane with a staircase with does not demand using a manual one.

Meanwhile, a post by one of the top Games Writers in Ghana, Garry Al-Smith on his Facebook page got a lot of talking.

According to him, he playfully savaged Nigerians by saying “the insight that caused Ghana to show up in a plane with its flight of stairs will be a similar insight to befuddle Nigeria on Tuesday”.


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