Is Cheddar The Next NAM1? See The Full story

Freedom Jacob Caesar plans to launch his freedom coin. In about 3 days ago freedom Jacob Caesar address the public which he announced his intentions of launching his cryptocurrency named the freedom coin. He said the launch of his freedom coin is to Assist Ghanaians achieve their financial freedom.

However after his statement was made a lot of people have shared their ideas concerning the land of his cryptocurrency and Bank of Ghana is one of them. Bank of Ghana made a statement to caution the general public of they giving the approval to the companies Promoting the freedom point. Their letter dated 9 March 2022 gives a detailed information about their caution.

BoG’s letter to caution Ghanaians. 


CHEDDAR Slams BoG on twitter 

Is it that Ghanaians are too quick to infer or we are afraid of recapitulating some past experiences? Some people have already started tagging him as the second NAM1 or NAM2


What do you also think? Is this the return of the second NAM1 or this is going to be our Messiah? Only time can reveal this to us.


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