Ghana card to be used to travel across ECOWAS sub region.

On the 1st of March, the Ghana immigration service in a press release info the general public about the use of Ghana cards in their internal and external movement.

The Ghana immigration service announced that starting from the 1st of March 2022 onwards Ghana cards will be the main document for entry and exit of the country.

The immigration service also clarifies that the cards would only be used within the ECOWAS sub-region, the Ghana immigration service also indicated that citizens who have renounced their Ghanaian citizenship to obtain the citizenship of another country are eligible to travel on the Ghana card.

Citizens with dual nationals would not be required a visa to enter Ghana.

The Procedures to Enter.

1. There shall be a designated booth at the Kotoka International Airport to process Ghanaians passengers who travel on the Ghana card into Ghana.

2. Upon arrival the identity of the Ghana cardholder will be verified against the national identity Register.

3. Once the passenger’s identity has been successfully verified the passenger is admitted into the country.

Departure Procedures.

On departure, the Ghanaians who entered with a Ghana card will be required to show the Ghana card to the immigration officials at the immigration departure control.

The service has urged the public to take caution with the information that has been released.

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