Top Radio personality applause Kojo Luda for the light thrown on the region in his interviews.

As the region break the deadlock of no recognition for years since the inception of the music industry and unleashing of potential artists that have made waves in the national music industry.

Kojo Luda

A notable radio personality has applauded the current artist of the year Kojo Luda for his intervention in the region everywhere he went for an interview making the other side of the country aware of the talent in the region.

Mr Desmond Martey who is popularly known as Shatta Desmond wrote on social media expressing his intense gratitude to the artist for his hard work.

“Yo cocoacity we made it finally n this is a very big one for us to be happy n celebrate as a region and I very big shouts goes to da industry players who push this agenda (I wouldn’t like to mention names n/brag) n a very big n special mention to @⁨Kojo Luda⁩ for starting this by saying it in an interview n pushing for it for us all to realize it n move towards it n now it’s here…..this is a win for all of us devoid of which divide u belong to. Da voice has been heard n da effort has paid off.

Congrats to the 3 arts being nominated n I wish dem all da best.

Long live COCOACITY music

Long live Western North Region”

DJ Shatta Desmond

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