Police arrested Kelvin Boy for assaulting his girlfriend.

Ghanaian star Kelvin Brown who is popularly known as Kelvin Boy has been arrested and is in police custody at the Adenta police station.

Information gathered by vimhype indicated that Kelvin Boy will be brought to court on the 23rd, of February to tell the court his part of the story.

According to Ghpage, Kelvin Boy has always been beating his girlfriend since they came together as partners in the last ten years, the report stated that Kelvin Boy had beaten his girlfriend and left the house for some time now and leaving his two kids with their mom in their home.

According to Dora Kpoyi who is the girlfriend of the musician one of their sons fell sick as she went to where her partner Kelvin Boy had moved to, to inform him about the child’s situation, she met another young lady riding her boyfriend’s car she trying to question the lady, her boyfriend Kelvin Boy came out and started to beat her mercilessly.

Kelvin Boy

According to some eyewitnesses, the musician even use an iron rod to lash his children’s mother Dora, which provoke the lady to report the case to the Adenta Police Division last week.

The police tried reaching the dance artist about the matter but he never picks up their calls nor returned them, unfortunately for him, the Police got hold of him Monday, 21st of February 2022.

The Adenta Police Department has processed the artist for court and the court upon hearing him also reminded him for two days, the artist’s case would be looked at on the 23rd of February 2022 for further hearing.

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