I don’t talk about Shatta Wale’s personal issues – Bulldog takes the stance.

Shatta Wale’s alleged dance artist manager, Bulldog, has taken a professional stance towards the musician. He revealed that personal statements from the artist himself, which had nothing to do with career management, were not the issue.

Nana Asiamah, aka Bulldog, made the announcement on United Showbiz when asked to share her thoughts on how Shata Weil insulted film star Jackie Apia. In response, Bullgod announced that as Shatta Wale’s manager, he would only take care of the artist’s professional affairs.

“A line has to be drawn. When Shatta comes out and makes amazing music, nobody comes up to me and says, “Charlie, Bull, give it a try.” Or if he’s collecting all the presents everywhere, nobody comes to tell me… Or if he’s everywhere with Beyonce, nobody comes to me. So if it was someone else, I don’t know why they would ask me that.

“So this is a personal matter. This is not a professional matter. If you want to talk about Shata, let’s talk, she has an album coming up, you know, then we’ll talk about it. His personal stuff, I don’t talk about that.”

But Bulldog added that it wouldn’t talk about harassment. He also will not sanction any of the parties involved.

“To be honest, I have no thoughts on this matter. And when they asked me to say yes, it is good or no, it is not good, I want to say that I am not in a position to decide. Shata is an individual. He is his own person and felt the need to say what she said. I’m not with Shata or Jackie. To me it’s just shata to be shata. I mean nothing new.”

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