You are too myopic – Kojo Flash Manager

As issues of the Western North music industry surface on the internet this week between an artist manager and a radio presenter about how to manage an artist.

The manager of Kojo Flash the Ghana girl hitmaker, Evans Kesseih was seen in a video responding to some media folks about how he manages his artist.

The aggressiveness which was seen in the video by the artist manager indicates that the presenter has gone the extra mile to implicate his managerial integrity and he did the video to clear the air.

Mr Evans stated that the presenter claims his skills are not helping the artist but will later go on social media and be commenting positively about his masterminded initiative, he addresses the issue to be a myopic way of judgement.

He advise that other presenters should not follow suit what their colleagues did by not doing good analysis instead jumping to the conclusion that the artist is not managed well under him, he further elaborated that the presenter should use the energy he used to judge to rather promote the artist.

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Speaking Kojo Flash manager made an emphatical stated that Kaptain Sabuulo shouldn’t be that myopic when passing a judgement, he proceeded to say Sabuulo should come and signed the artist if he thinks he knows better.

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