Ghanaians have the talent to be great but leadership is an issue.

Ghana as a country has been blessed by God with many resources including human resources, the country can rant of its Cocoa, Timber, Gold, Diamond, and many more, not leaving its human resources which have impacted the world as a whole.

The country Ghana can babble about the Late Kofi Annan who serves as a Secretary-General to the United Nations and many others.

Today I am talking about Ghana’s human resources in the Entertainment industry, the country is also known to the world for its entertainment, and has produced great people who have made waves in the world of entertainment.

Ghana can gloat about Rocky Dawuni, who has gained a Grammy nomination for the best music album 2021, Sarkodie who is the first-ever person to win the BET best international flow and Stonebwoy who has also gained a Grammy nomination, has won many awards across the continent of Africa.

Rocky Dawuni

Ghana is a country with many talented young people who have great ambitions but lack the momentum to make the nation great wherever they are existing.

Sometimes it marvels me, that are we having leaders who can change the lives of the people with all the natural resources at their disposal, young people with talents are being frustrated and wriggling their talents into drugs addiction and many have become desperado.


The leadership of the country has to up their game to resist the kind of people they are nurturing for the future, the young ones are crying for a better future.

Why don’t we as a country focus on the resources we have and build a strong empire, we have all it takes to make a better nation but still struggling, I believe entertainment alone can make the economy great if a critical look is given it.


Now that the world has become a small place via the Internet, we can make good use of this opportunity to get more revenue for economic growth, if systems are put in place to monitor and monetise the creativeness of the young talented people in the country a lot would have been done in the country’s economy.

I am pleading with the leadership of the country to put systems in place to amass revenue for the country via entertainment. Vimhype Boss.

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