No amount of words can stop E-levy Nana Aba tells.

The e-tax debate has been going on for months, At one end of the debate, Ghanaians complain that the introduction of an e-tax will put a heavy burden on the poor because they rely heavily on mobile money transactions.

At the other end of the debate are those who teach that e-tax will increase the resources the nation needs to contribute to socio-economic development.

Nana Aba, who has proven time and time again that she holds the hearts of Ghanaians, used her official Twitter manuscript to post sarcastic messages to Ghanaians.

She explained this in his tweet “You ‘people’ pay the e-fee, No growl and scream will stop it.” He adds that it will even help Nana collect fees, and the fees even exceed mobile money transactions.

Ghanaians reacted with mixed reactions, unable to decipher whether Nana Aba was being sarcastic or fully supportive of the introduction of e-tax.

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Some charge the full price they have to pay to send the money to a loved one, One Ghanaian realized that sending 500gh to a loved one would cost 18gh 75.

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