Jada’s on why she shouldn’t be called the third baby Mama for Wizkid.

International songwriter Jada Pollock said on Friday that she felt ashamed to be called the little mother of popular Nigerian singer Wizkid.

Jada, Zion & Wizkid

Pollock posted this during a question and answer session she posted on her verified Twitter page on Friday.
The American-born racing director rose to prominence in the Nigerian region after welcoming her son Zion with Wizkid in 2017.

Zion is Wizkid’s third baby and it has won Pollock’s “1/3 Wizkid Mother designation”.

Pollock, who once ruled American superstar Chris Brown, is also Wizkid’s manager alongside its general manager, Sandy Ar.

Talking about it, the mother-of-one noted that she found it discriminatory to be called a baby’s mother rather than a musician.
She wrote: “I think so. It is shameful and discriminatory to be called the mother of Wizkid’s third baby before I was called professionally by my name.

“The deposit from my trip/experience is very underrated. Unfortunately, our blog doesn’t empower or uplift anyone.”
She also points out that the world’s blogs praise him for his professional status.

Jada, Zion and Wizkid

“It is sad that we all have to be the driving force to bring Africa and its movement into the world with its power; Not them tearing down ours. “The Rolling Stones and Billboard to name a few will be professionally titled, surveyed and surveyed,” she wrote on Twitter.

Revealing how she met Wizkid, she tweeted: “I managed Chris Brown at one point and we were on tour. We had an Africa tour and Lagos was one of the areas where we had shows. Wiz came here for Chris’ shows and the relaxation is history.

When asked if she loves Wizkid, she said: “With all my heart! I have never loved anybody so much in my life. Our love is magical.”
The 38-year-old woman added that she wanted to have a big family with Wizkid.

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