Moesha Boduong returns to social media after several months of break

Ghanaian actress Moesha Boduong has bounced back to social media after a long break due to a battle with some health and personal issues.

The former socialite made a post on Instagram on Saturday, January 15, after almost seven months of silence from anything social media-related.

Throughout the period, she was spotted in many videos and photos.

The born-again model shared a photo with the inscription ‘God is king’, which appears to align with her new journey with God.

Before her break, the social media sensation made some startling revelations about the life she lived over the years after becoming well-known in the country.

In a viral video sighted by, the actress said she attempted to commit suicide by jumping off an uncompleted storey building but was stopped by some workers nearby.

She disclosed her repentance in a video as she shared her testimony.

To walk the talk, the social media influencer deleted all her pictures in skimpy dresses on her Instagram page.

She emptied her account and sold her luxurious Range Rover car.

According to her, the money she used to live her impressive lifestyle is “dirty”; thus, she no longer wants to correlate herself with it.

Her return has left many of her colleagues, and her fans delighted.

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