Shatta Burna’s feud headlines deadlines in Ghana Music Industry

Shatta Wale’s rant on Nigerian Music artists on his show at the Accra sports stadium was supposed to be a ‘purge’ therefore putting the citizens of the two countries into a fury was just a collateral damage.

However, whether right or wrong, necessary or unnecessary, some outcomes of the event did headlined a couple of deadlines in our music industry. Deadlines herein refers to the obstacles our music industry face in the continental and global front. These obstacles include RECOGNITION, PENETRATION AND VALUE

Anyone who payed attention to the feud would realize that among the fight overs if not the most PENETRATION was among the most complained element. Undoubtedly Ghana Music and their Artist hardly penetrate beyond Ghana borders. A fact that is crippling the growth of the industry to it’s desired spot.

Of course if your Music can’t PENETRATE it means it can’t be RECOGNIZED and if it can’t be RECOGNIZED then you have less VALUE for your hard work.

This is the case, but is not as if these deadlines became headlines only because of the Shatta Burna’s feud. The problem has been long existing we just don’t no how to tackle it. Like Nana Aba Anamoah will put it we are leaving in a conspiracy of silence. So we pretend we don’t know. And surely it is killing the industry for good.

They say a problem known is half solved so I presume now that these deadlines has been headlined the industry players and associates stakeholders will work out a solution for the music industry to be back on track again.

In every situation Blaming comes as a temporary resort for the people, as it’s human nature to feel relieved if someone is blamed for a wrong course or doing. So let’s blame the Ghanaian DJ’s for not doing enough, let’s blame our music promoters for not having proper strategies, let’s blame the artist themselves for not being creative enough, let’s blame our country’s elites for not investing much, then blame the whole citizenry for not being patriotic.

The question still remains’ After blaming what next? because obviously the blames won’t solve our problems

Ghana Music has been there before on the global spot we can do it again but how.

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