Am not promoting betting on any of my platforms. Kwadwo Sheldon

Content Creator: Kwadwo Sheldon

Content Creator and YouTuber, Kwadwo Sheldon has vowed no longer to promote “betting” on any of his platforms.

According to the award-winning creator, no count how mouthwatering the offer is, he will not promote anything “betting” related.

Kwadwo Sheldon believes “betting” has finished more damage than top to young guys in the country, hence, his selection to continue to be off that venture.

Sheldon, who has promoted so many distinctive manufacturers on his structures but is staying away from “betting” shared his stance in an Instagram story post.

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“I have made the conscious effort to not entertain betting on any of my structures then again tempting the offer is. I have considered it damage lives.

Not about to lead my nights to destruction,” he wrote.
See screenshot of his publish below;

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