Ghanaians yearn the deadline for SIM card re-registration is extended

Queue for sim re-registration

Some clients of telecommunication networks operating in the country are calling on the authorities to lengthen the period for the SIM card re-registration exercise.

Various centres of telecommunication agencies have witnessed long queues as customers are racing against time to hyperlink their Ghana cards to their SIM cards.

This is due to the fact the authorities have set March 31, 2022, as the deadline for the re-registration.

Some Ghanaians in an interview indicated that an extension would help ease tensions at the several re-registration centres.

They additionally complained about the quantity of time used in registering a person.

“A lot of people have simply been speeding here, however, I assume if there are a lot of people who do the registration, it will help due to the fact they spend nearly 45 minutes to one hour on one person,” one of the aggrieved clients said.

“Just seem to be at the variety of human beings who have messed up, and this is making the exercising very chaotic and unregulated. I suppose an extension will ease the tensions to allow every person to get his SIM card registered,” another customer lamented.

Meanwhile, some also feel the technique is even useless due to the fact they gave out biometric information whilst registering for the Ghana Card.

Though it is uncertain what is accounting for the long queues, sources indicate that the system furnished using Kelni GVG to facilitate the exercise has been fraught with challenges.

The lengthy queues have additionally been attributed to the restricted wide variety of branches of the telcos for the exercise.

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