Cocoa tonnage could drop-in 2021/2022 season. (Farmers)

Ghana Cocoa.

Ghana is a country well known across the world for its production of quality cocoa with high flavour and second to its neighbouring country Ivory Coast who is the world biggest cocoa producer.

Cocoa production is one of the major jobs in Ghana and is done by a greater portion of the country’s population, last year the government of Ghana was able to meet its target of 900 metric tonnes and over.

Ghana’s Pride

According to the country’s Cocoa Board (Cocobod), Ghana was expected to output approximately 900,000 tonnes of cocoa in the 2020/2021 season up to 5.8% from the forecast for 2019/2020 season of which they did 1,045,000 metric tonnes.

The country achieved its target and have forecasted to exceed last year production, so the government looking at the situation that occurred in the past season have put measures in place to settle the imperceptible predicament that hit the country.

In doing so the government from the beginning of the 2021/2022 season secure a $1.5 billion Syndication Loan to cushion Ghana Cocobod.

Ghana’s Pride.

According to farmers from various places across the country, it seems this season production is low due to some natural factors, like climate change, insect infestation and etc.

Speaking to Vimhype farmers in Western North Region precisely in the Bia West District, applause the government for the good initiatives that were introduced to support farmers produce more yield, but is unfortunate the climate change has accounted for low production during the first phase of the season.

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They proceed to say if God willing and the weather becomes favourable, the government could see a massive mutation as happened last season.

The farms are promising and are just left with the weather to keep the trees strong, I believe when there’s a downpour we might see a significant change in production, Jacob Marfo (Farmer) tells.

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