Kwaw kese urged Ghanaian Musicians to tap into the Nigerian musical blessings.

The Ghanaian celebrity with stage name Kwaw kese and who is popularly known as “Abodam” has sent a caution to his fellow musician in the country, after the Ghanaian dancehall gaint Shatta Wale threw a shot at the Nigerian music industry.

On the 25th of this month, Shatta Wale in collaboration with Medikal did a show at the Accra sports stadium which has led to a lot of discussion in both Ghana and Nigeria.

Shatta Wale when performing told his fans he needed no Nigerian artist to help him fill the stadium and he doesn’t care about them so no one should compare any Nigerian artist to him.

He continued to say all he needed was his fans and he is bigger than those Nigerian artists.

After this comment from Shatta wale, the music industry has been heated and a lot of discussions are ongoing, some fans of Shatta agrees with what their artist said and others are contemplating the comment.

To clear the air Ghanaian highlife artist Kwaw kese has poured out his opinion on the matter.

According to Kwaw kese, Nigerian artists are far ahead of those in Ghana, and he then stated there should be no comparison but Ghanaians should rather try and tap into the musical blessings of their Nigerian brothers.

Kwaw kese further stated that the Ghanaian music industry has the potential but most DJs would not play Ghanaian songs but want the Ghanaian artists to shine as their counterparts in Nigeria.

A Nigerian artist challenge Shatta Wale to a music battle. (Video

And if not they’ll come blaming the artists for not having fame as their counterparts in Nigeria has.

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