How to make money on Sonomo Music platform.

There are over thousands of musical platforms where Artists, management, and investors can make a handsome amount of money from their crafts and invest in others crafts.

Are you an investor, an artist, or a management team looking out to make money from your craft? Here is a platform am recommending to you to work with. is a platform for both Artists and Investors where music is distributed to multiple streaming platforms.

As an artist, you can sell craft to investors and make good money, an investor or management can also buy and sell the craft of their artist to other people within the scope.

Sonomo distributes to over a hundred streaming platforms and also help artists to get 95% -100% of their royalties.

On sonomo, you can also get unlimited distribution without a fee and even release unlimited track for free over a hundred streaming platforms.

Sonomo gives you the privilege to retain master rights and streaming royalties without a fee.

Artists, investors and management can raise money according to their terms. The works of the artist are protected, the sales of future royalties are limited to what the artist will offer up to the investor.

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