The hard life of American rapper Jay-Z, How he shot his brother and sold crack to survive

When Jay-Z was 12 years old, he shot his older brother over a stolen ring that belonged to him. His brother was addicted to crack at the time of the shooting. He in return didn’t press any charges and later apologized to Jay for stealing his ring because of his addiction.

He was sick of his brother embarrassing him in front of Sean’s gangster friends by smoking crack and acting like a crack head, Instead of empathizing with him Sean because he’s a narcissist only thought about himself and how he was embarrassed by his brother’s life style choice. He was a kid back then and had lived street life to survive and selling crack was part of his life story.

He shot his brother but didn’t kill him, during a interview he said that he felt sorry about it .Jay z was 12 years old and said that he shot his drug addicted in his shoulder for stealing jewelry. He didn’t just became rich and fame he particularly went through stages of life before attaining his riches today. He started from the street and made a turn around that involved the best part of him today.

He admitted he never shot anyone else after the incident. Growing up in the projects was not easy, especially with no father, and sometimes the violence that surrounds life in the projects can hit close to home. Jay-Z describes the aftermath of the incident, It was terrible. I was a boy, a child. I was terrified.

What do you think about the life he lived before he became so successful. I’m happy he changed for good and his brother never pressed a charge as he doesn’t want his bro to end up in prison. Everyone has their own story, history no one is a saint.

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