Delay And Amerado Finally Share First Kiss In Public

Media personality and entrepreneur Delores Frimpong Manso is also known as Delay and artist Amerado have finally confirmed the rumours of their relationship.
It has been rumoured for some weeks that Delay and artist Amerado is in an intimate relationship. Although none of them has come out to confirm the rumours, there have been several times that Delay and Amerado have shared cryptic posts on their social media pages.

Amerado and Delay in the past weeks have shared a series of videos of themselves in a compromising manner. The two have been spotted in a lovey-dovey video on many occasions.

Recently, Amerado took to his social media page to share Delay’s photo with four different types of emoji which caused a lot of stir. In a new video, the two met at a program and were seen in a cozy manner. Amerado was seen hugging and kissing Delay’s face whiles she struggled to break free from his grips.

Social media users react to the video:

@efia_goldie: You people don’t know Delay very well. By now nothing is going on oooo but she just want to pepper us cus we’re on her case

@linda: Awwwww she’s blushing officialqueen: But they look good together paaa

@sheila: But I guess Delay likes him anaa mose me boa??

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