Ohemaa Dadao reacts to Eno Barony holding rapper of the year title

Ghanaian rap artiste, Ohemaa Dadao, has reacted to the fact that her fellow female rapper Eno Barony holds the VGMA rapper of the year title.

Speaking on eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show, she expressed that she is very happy about it and she believes Eno has worked hard enough to deserve that award.

“It is something we were all fighting for. That Ghana gives female rappers and ear so that we can prove that what the male rappers are doing is something that we can also do and do even better so she being there makes me very happy. Kudos to her”, she said.

Ohemaa Dadao also commended that Vodafone Ghana Music Awards organizers for recognizing the efforts of female rappers as well.

According to her, “At first, we had been boxed for too long but now that they have opened up the space and they are including the females in these award schemes, it is helping and we are growing big so kudos to them as well”.

She lamented that coming up as a woman in the Ghanaian music industry, especially as a rapper was not easy because rap had been considered as a genre strictly for men. She disclosed that it was difficult to get a manager, to get called to shows, to get their music played on air and a whole lot because people did not believe in them.

However, thankfully, the few women in the game have persisted and proven to Ghanaians the female rappers are equally as good as men, hence, things have eased up for them.

This source is from vimhype.com

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