Meet the Two beautiful pageants, Queens, investing about 20,000GH¢ to reduce the Unemployment Rate in some districts across the country.

Miss Augustina Aduhene in real life known as Miss Tina is one of the most influential female entrepreneurs in the Bia West District of the Western North Region.

Miss Tina has been involved in so many developmental projects which aim to help the youth in her environs and Ghana at large since she started her entrepreneurship career.

Recently she decided to embark on a freehand skills training program for the people of Bia west and east to reduce the unemployment rate in her region.

As part of her preparation for the program, she took some time to visit the newly appointed District Chief Executive for the Bia West District Honorable Bernard Gyebi Blay.

Honourable Bernard Blay sat her down and gave her some guidelines on how to go about the program and also advise her on her future endeavours before the start of the program.

On the 2nd day of December 2021, the good people of Bia West and East hit good news, the good tidings were that a well-established foundation known as Tinacare Foundation which is managed by The Chief Executive officer called Miss Augustina Aduhene embarked on a freehand skills training for six big towns for free.

The towns includes, Sefwi yawmatwa, Sefwi Debiso, Sefwi Essam, Sefwi Adjoafua, Sefwi OseiKojokrom and Sefwi Adabokrom. During this special hand skills training the individuals who participated were taught some unique and special skills.

These vital skills include, how to make or produce products such as after wash, liquid soup, Para zone, vanilla ice cream, cocktail, Pastries and other essential products, the training received massive attention all over the two districts and many came from their households to acquire these great hand skills to make their standard of living a better one in the new future.

Tinacare Foundation out of their dying heart and love for their people carried out the whole hand skills training program on their shoulders without getting any sort of sponsorship. With regards to the monetary aspect, the foundation took all the costs upon themselves.

This seems more heartbreaking and heart-rending for this young foundation whose aim is to reduce graduate unemployment and unemployment in general.

This type of initiative coined by a very diligent, hardworking, brilliant and visionary lady like Miss Augustina Aduhene is categorized as a humanitarian kind of job coupled with a lot of sacrifices and Godly call.

Therefore Tinacare foundation is now calling on all Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), people at the government sectors, private companies and institutions to come to their aid to support and assist them financially as well as other aspects that will help promote development and help the foundation achieve their goal of reducing unemployment amongst the youth today, to many things they have plan to do to save life’s with but they can’t do that without your support.

The training was supported by Ex one Entertainment beauty Queen, who won the crown as miss western 2021 from Takoradi.

This young talented and God fearing lady named Miss Jemi took upon herself to sacrifice for the good people of Bia West and East Districts as part of fulfilling her Godly love for human kinds.

After the successful and impactful program by these two energetic ladies, Miss Jemi on her way home to takoradi encountered a very fatal accident along the roads of Sefwi Boako, but God being so good Jemi and her team are safe and in good health and responding to treatment.

To get in touch with Tinacare Foundation to support, assist and advise the foundation kindly email them
Contact: 0506979091

Source; Ghevent

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