Medikal Finally Reveals Why He Shouts About Every Single Thing He Gets

AMG Medikal has finally disclosed the reason he always shouts about every single and little thing he gets saying he came from nothing so he shouts whenever he gets something.

Medikal is one of the public figures who show off and shout about every single thing they have been able to acquire in life, giving others pressure to do the same or more than what he has done and now we know the reason why.

According to Medikal, he came from nothing just like most of us so anything he gets, he shouts about it and that is why he has been shouting with everything he gets in life, giving others some pressure they can’t live with.

Medikal is really doing well for himself and his family now but the fact that he came from nothing shouldn’t be an excuse to use in bragging about everything he gets as there are some things that would have been best if kept a secret.

Based on what he has been showing off on social media, we can say Medikal is one of the wealthiest artists in Ghana but we don’t know if he gets all his money from music or he has other businesses that generate income for him more than the music does.

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