Captain Smart was arrested for threatening Ghana’s “peace and security” byMarian Ansah

  Nima District Police Command has arrested Breathed God Brainsmart, commonly known as Captainsmart, the host of the Onua TV / FM Morning Show in Akra.   According to a Ghana police statement, Captain Smart was arrested for “making some offensive remarks that depended on peace and security.”

In a recent statement based on Accra, Captain Smart called for a “rebellion against  Ghana and its institutions,” according to a statement separate from the   National Media Commission (NMC). According to a Ghana police statement, Captain Smart   has been warned of abuses that promote security disruption under Section 2017 of the 1960 Criminal Code (Law 29).   Police said he was taking care of them to assist in  the investigation

Captain Smart was recently hired by Onua TV / FM after resigning from Angel TV while working on Angel TV.   “You have become a megaphone of war”-NMC warns Onua FM / TV by it.   NMC said in a statement issued  Thursday, December 2, 2021: Where we arrive, we need an uprising with positive rebellion. The soldiers in Ghana were also shocked. You can enter parliament when a member of parliament is sworn in, but you cannot enter parliament when a member of parliament is deceiving. Everyone is calm in this country, “he sang. The    Commission said the Media House “crossed the boundaries of powerful and critical broadcasts.” Through its actions, the    radio station  has become a “megaphone of war.”  

“Some of your broadcasts raise concerns about national peace and security in ways that require immediate administrative action, especially the  recent program by” Captain Smart “to call for rebellion against  Ghana and its institutions. I am concerned about. ” ” This particular program provides a reasonable reason for government action for no further reason, but if we have the opportunity to retain our views, management will specialize in your content.

You can take steps to ensure acceptance at a positive level. We reinforce this belief by the fact that a significant portion of  other broadcasts, including  news, convey that hope. I would appreciate it if you could point out that  the necessary expert attention would be in your interest. ”  This source is from

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