The 2022 budget was rejected by Parliament November 2021

2022 budget was rejected by the Parliament. The budget debated and voted today was 137 against and 0 for approval.

Ken Ofori Atta Finance Minister

This means that the new guidelines introduced by the government in 2022 cannot be implemented.

The minority urged the Minister of Finance to abolish E-levy and arrange for the Ketu Navy Defense Project. The majority of members were absent for almost four hours, but after a minority called on the Ghanaians, they called on lawmakers to participate in the debate and vote.

However, after the budget debate, the Finance Minister appeared outside the house, worshiped the speaker, and suspended budget approval for further consultation with both leaders (majority and minority). ,speaker.

After approving the NO, the deputy majority leader stood up and called the speaker because he did not make the right decision. He admired that the speaker relied on the “split” of order 114.

After the implementation of Order 114, the majority left the Chamber of Commerce after the Chair ordered the non-MP Minister to leave the House of Representatives, as indicated in Order 114.

This resulted in a page record of zero (0) when the speaker pulled back his house for five minutes and then returned to take over his procedure. It should be noted that the budget was reduced for the first time in the Fourth Republic. The speaker will be closed on Tuesday, November 30, 2022.

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