Kwame Eugene Reveals Why He Does Not Beef Back. Check Out?

Kwame Eugene a famous Ghanaian highlife musical artists has released a new mind blowing highlife song, so he was interviewed on Kessben tv show about his new song (te na fie), which made him to say things he actually want to do if possible.

During the interview, the presenter asked him why he does not reply to people or musicians who say something bad about him. He said to the presenter that, he is the kind of person who does not like beefing no matter how harsh the insult may be. He does not waste his time on all these things because it wouldn’t give him anything.

He went on to say that, the main reason why he does not answer or reply them back is because, those people cannot add anything to him because he is with more than them. But he replies or answers back anybody who is of more than him.

His reason behind this is that, when he makes beef with musicians whose fans or supporters are not up to his, he is only wasting his time over nothing, but if he beefs with those with more fans or supporters than him, he thinks more will join him.

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