Medikal Showing Love To His Fans On The Street By Spraying Them Some Cash

Medikal has always been bragging about how rich he is but then after he got back from jail he hasn’t been seen giving fans money as he did in this recent video talking about how good it is to show your fans some love.

According to him, sometimes you’ve got to show some love back as an artist and he decided to spray money among his fans as a way of telling them how much he loves and cherishes them for their support.

AMG Medikal shared a video of himself in town showing his fans some love by spraying cash among them while his vehicle was still moving and the fans were running after him to get some of the money since they also really need it.

There’s nothing wrong with showing fans love by sharing some money with them but for them to be running after a moving vehicle for some cash makes the whole situation very dangerous as when one mistakenly falls, something else might happen.

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