You Have Betrayed Your Own People -NDC Sammy Gyamfi Bitterly Speaks and Causes StirNovember 4, 2021 VIMHPE NEWS

You Have Betrayed Your Own People -NDC Sammy Gyamfi Bitterly Speaks and Causes Stir
November 4, 2021 BROADCASTGHANA

WhatsAppFacebookTwitterShare The communications officer for the national democratic congress, Sammy Gyamfi has spoken to listeners on what he has called betrayal. Sammy Gyamfi did not only speak against the Npp and their works over the past few months. He also made it his mission to point out the mistakes of all parliamentarians. Members of parliament who were even in his party had a taste of his truthfulness at least and that’s something we praise him for. With his usual attacks on the new patriotic party for not being incompetent and not doing what they promised Ghanaians, he has come back again stronger. Sammy Gyamfi’s brief interview on the Angel fm today revealed that the communications director for the Ndc is still displeased with this leadership. Sammy Gyamfi announced his disappointment in this government and how this government under Nana Addo is causing harm to the youth. The country has recently had members of state including Nana Addo and the finance minister saying that government payroll is full. There are students who are making it a point to finish their educations and find something for themselves. Their dreams to work in the various fields of interests to help the nation seems to be burning out and Sammy Gyamfi has responded to this. Sammy Gyamfi said, you have betrayed your own people and for someone who was once just a citizen and not president, you should know how it feels to be at the other end. See also  See How Akufo Addo Says His Government Relsove ‘Dumsor’ and Gets Ghanaians Talking -[SEE PHOTOS] Sammy Gyamfi whiles saying this made some strong comparisons and revealed that the former president Mahama never went back on his words. When he promised roads, the Ndc delivered roads. And when he promised hospitals, he did same and this applies to all other promises he made. But for now, Sammy Gyamfi feels this government trying to put the monies in their pocket are blocking the chance of the upcoming youth and claiming government pay roll is full

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