27 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy Posted by: AuthorRachel

27 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy Posted by: author Rachael

 27 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy Posted by: authorization Rachel Category Relationship Goals How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy? It was the best thing that happened to her that you loved her and wanted her to feel like you were in her relationship with you. You are waiting for a bright smile that will make her eyes shine, and wonder how you can increase the chances of her wife being smiling and happy. Today we give you 27 easy ways to make your girlfriend happy. Some of them don’t require preparation, others … well, they need some kind of commitment (but we’ll talk more about that later). A romantic way to make her happy 1. Tell her that you love her You’ll be surprised, but the path to a woman’s heart isn’t that complicated. Well, I might have lied-yes, but a good place to start is to tell your girl that you love her. It’s one of the easiest ways to make her really happy. Many men ignore the importance of telling their girlfriend these three words, which makes a difference in how they feel (about themselves or about themselves). If you don’t want to tell her this every day, check it at least once a week or on a special occasion. What happens if I keep forgetting? Make it a sticky habit by adding it to another habit. For example, after kissing her good night, say she loves her every night. Or you can do it the morning before the two go to work. 2. Compliments Herwoman loves compliments, especially when she comes from a special person. Make sure the conversation is friendly and cheerful. This is the perfect time to provide a warm compliment that will surely please you. Your compliment is very important because your girlfriend loves who she is when you are with you. And if she admits that she’s great when she’s with you, your relationship gets even stronger. 3. Give a little thank youThe girl is sentimental, so you can give your wife a small gift or a handwritten note. You can believe that they will cherish this offer forever, and maybe even keep it in a special box. If she’s looking for something really romantic about her that melts her heart, she sends her one of these love messages and see what happens. 4. Give her flowers I can’t emphasize this enough-girls love flowers! But they can only enjoy them if they seem to be giving them because they want, not because they left clues. Thread carefully, as intent plays a role.This is also an easy habit. Bloom every Friday night or get new orchids and succulents every 2-3 weeks (if you like plants). They are beautiful, require less maintenance and fit into any living space. 5. Send her a text message all day I always get sweet messages from your boyfriend, what’s more cute than that? If you want the girl to look at your phone and smile all day long, drop the cute text. Did you check out the romantic message to her? 6. Thank you Everyone enjoys being valued-and your girlfriend is no exception. So don’t forget to thank her when you see her striving or making something special. Here are 77 ways to show your gratitude and love. 44474. Make her laugh The way to a woman’s heart is … through her smile. Don’t be afraid to make fun of her, make her laugh, or show her a smile. Even if you are told to playfully cut it out, it is secretly attracting attention. 8. Help with housework Nothing makes a woman happier than her husband who helps with cleaning, dusting and folding laundry. This is a great way to show your girlfriend that you care about her in a meaningful and practical way. I am very grateful to be able to make dishes after dinner, pick up clothes from the floor, and dust off once a week, even when I’m busy with work. 9. Respect them This is pretty self-explanatory, but I think we need to deal with it as well. Do not control and allow your girlfriend to grow as a person. Respect them as you respect yourself. 10. Show her what you care aboutIt doesn’t have to be great to show your girlfriend what you don’t care about. Knowing how much she hates her, it may be as easy as cleaning up her dirty socks and cleaning the drains. The most important are small gestures. For example, my fiancé never forgets my favorite treat when going shopping alone. He knows I’m crazy about newspapers and magazines, so he’s on the lookout for it too. While I was watching the movie, he often brought a bowl of salty popcorn or asked me if I wanted him to do something for me. He is so cute, and I love him above all just for those little things. 11. Exists Make sure you are 100% there when your girl shares something with you. She pays attention to her story and listens positively so that she can ask her the right questions later. It will definitely make her feel loved and cherished. One of the first things that ruins a good relationship is the lack of listening and understanding. Hearing and confirming what she says (you don’t have to provide a solution if you want) takes your relationship to a new level instantly. 12. Cooking for her 

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