The Differences Between Kwesi Arthur and His Big Brother “Dayonthetrack” – Netizens Discuss

Kwesi Arthur is one of the most successful artists in the country. He shot to fame through “Grind Day” and other popular songs which he used to mark his entry into the music industry.

His family life is least known therefore when some information about his family is revealed it is discussed and scrutinized by Netizens.

A picture of Kwesi Arthur and his elder brother “Dayonthetrack” made its way to social media and thus led to discussion.

The picture showed Kwesi Arthur and his elder brother having fun at the beach. Through the portrait shot which was taken, Netizens who had noticed the great resemblance between the two finally confirmed that they are biological brothers.

Some even commented that “Day” looks more like Kwesi Arthur than Kwesi Arthur himself.

As some Netizens were discussing how much they look alike, others were pointing out the vast differences that they also have.

One Netizen commented that one of the two brothers has money thus why his skin is looking clear, however, the other brother doesn’t have money thus leading to his darker tone.

Another Netizen also pointed out the vast difference there is in terms of celebrity status, popularity, and social media presence. For instance, while Kwesi Arthur sits at a luxurious 1.4 Million followers, his brother sits at a meager 22 thousand.

Dayonthetrack is also a musician however due to not hitting massive success yet he adds corporate projects to his career.

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