Black Sherif Looking Sad During Dope Nation Album Launch

Black Sherif the rising artist in Ghana was spotted at Dope Nation’s Album release party or launch. The launch comprised a handful of exclusive fans and a few celebrities, namely Black Sherif and Kalybos.

The moments shared at the launch were joyful yet all the pictures captured of Black Sherif show him either sad or with a serious face.

Should the expression be unintentional then he truly lives up to his slogan of being a “sad boy” which is an iconic catchphrase of Black Sherif where he says “Sad boys in the house”.

On the other hand, if he is sad for a reason then it may be an understandable one. Being a new artist he may desire to churn out an album or an EP while he is still a hot topic in Ghana and the world. The delay in his new music can make or u make his music career so far.

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