men Causes of frequent urination problems in men

Urinary problems in men are quite common. These problems can range from frequent urination to pain in the bladder and overactive bladder.

Frequent urination is when you need to empty the bladder more than (at least) eight times in a day. Frequent urination problem is also associated with the urgency to empty the bladder. This is medically referred to as an overactive bladder (OAB). In OAB, frequent urination is a problem rather than a symptom of another disease.


Frequent urination problems can occur due to many medical conditions. These can range from minor to major health concerns.

Urinary tract infection (UTI): Any infections in the urinary tract can lead to frequent urination. The infection is accompanied by abdominal discomfort or pain and fever.
Prostate problems: When the prostate becomes enlarged, it can push against the urethra wall and impede urine flow. The urethra is the thin tube that transfers urine out of the bladde

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