Akuapem poloo to face judgement on 1st December 2021

Akuapem Poloo got arrested after her naked photo standing in front of her son in his birthday photoshoot went viral and the child abuse agency took over the case and dragged her to court.

Akuapem Poloo was remanded for a few days until she was able to raise funds for her bail money but guess that was not the end of the case as it is now known that she will be in court on the 1st of December.

On the 1st of December is going to be the judgemnet on her appeal case and that is when we will know whether she’s free or has some jail terms to cover or she will be fined for standing n@ked in front of her own son.

Akuapem Poloo ever since she came back after being granted bail has been very good and doesn’t show off her body like she used to do and we hope the court will tamper justice with Mercy and see how good she has behaved in their judgment.

This source is from vimhype.com

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