5 ways to tell if hes notthe one` October 24, 2021 by vimhype News  Everyone wants to know how to identify .

5 ways to tell if he`s not `the one` October 6, 2021 by vimhype News  Everyone wants to know how to identify if the person yoku are with is “The One,” but it is equally, if not more, important to figure out who isn`t the one. Abuse and other extreme signs are obvious ways to tell that someone is NOT the one, but there are other subtle signs that are often overlooked when trying to determine if your significant other is worth it or not. To help you identify the signs, here are 5 ways to know he`s not the one! This is a big one because if he does not support you or your dreams, he could potentially stand in your way down the line. You`ll recognize this sign when he does not get excited for you and your accomplishments or if he tells you that your dreams and goals are too far-fetched to achieve.

It could be because he has his own insecurities and believes that he needs to increase yours in order to be able to hold on to you. But that`s not a compliment and someone who truly loves you would never want to make you feel less than you are. This can be a difficult pill to swallow, but your friends and family know you on a deeper level and they know what you need and want what`s best for you. Considering that they have your best interests at heart, they are able to tell if something is fishy with him even if you are too busy daydreaming about him.

If they have gathered up the courage to actually tell you that he`s not the best match for you, you might want to listen to what they are saying. Your values don`t match. You need to make sure that the person you`re with actually has the same values as you before you start believing he`s your soulmate. It just doesn`t feel right.

Your partner should make you feel as though your real self is your best self. .  

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