Two famous Females American Musicians who are also making Waves in the movie industry

In the world, there are many musicians who venture into other things to add to their fame and income. In this article, we will be looking at two famous American songwriters who are also into acting in movies.

This lady is a popular American singer who rose to fame after singing several hits. Despite her breakthrough in the music industry, Beyonce also ventured into acting as she has played several lead roles in different movies.

She is one of the best female musicians in the world, and has carved a niche for herself in every category of the entertainment industry.

This 33 year old lady is a renowned American singer who has risen to fame in the past few years. Apart from singing and creating music, Rihanna has also starred in different American movies, which have added to her fame and popularity greatly.

She also became a billionaire this year, in 2021, which I would say is as a result of the different things she is into.

this source is from vimhype. com

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