14 years after the murder of Lucky Dude, check out the three people who killed him

Lucky, along with his other two siblings, Thandi and Mandla, spent most of their childhood with their grandmother Sarah while their mother moved to work. 14 years ago, on the night of October 18, 2007, the reggae musician was murdered in Johannesburg, a suburb of Rosethenville. The three gangsters who shot the musician were later recognized as car hijackers by the South African police. After his murder, two of the alleged homicides were released, 3 of them being responsible for the incident and convicted on March 31, 2009. The three gangsters were sentenced to life imprisonment. According to the Lucky Dude murder, they thought Lucky Dude, who was driving his Chrysler 300c when he was killed, was Nigerian. They confess that they shot him for trying to steal his car. 

this source is from vimhype.com

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