Why are blacks not wealthy.

Excerpts from an interview with a Jewish leader about Blacks. JEWISH LEADER: The only thing blacks understand is Consumption. We the Jews – build Jewish business, – hire Jewish, – buy Jewish and – spend Jewish. Every successful black wants to spend his money in the country of his colonial masters.

They – go on holiday abroad, – buy houses abroad, – school abroad, – go for medical treatment abroad etc instead of spending this money in their own country to benefit their people. Only 6% of black money goes back into their community. Instead of buying – Louis Vuitton, – Hermes, – expensive cars, – shoes, -houses, -dresses etc, Blacks could – industralize Africa, – build banks and get rid of colonial institutions by putting them out of business. His – compulsive habit of killing his own to climb the economic ladder; – compulsive material consumption; – tendency to bring down fellow blacks deemed successful or better disposed; – His inability to build businesses or – preserve wealth are usually somebody else`s fault.

INTERVIEWER: So what can blacks do to liberate themselves JEWISH LEADER: Blacks must take responsibility. . Vimhype.com


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