Six Bad Habits that make’s You A weak Man#

Six bad habit that make’s you a weak man

No one desires to become a weak man but when you fail to work on certain bad traits that are slowly turning to your habits, such would only make your value depreciate. When you fail to solve your problem and only hope that it magically disappears, then it shows that you are a low value man because a man of high value waste no time in facing he`s problems. Dwelling too much on your past makes you weak and this is why you should avoid doing that. But in order to build value for yourself as a man you need to break through that barrier of laziness and procrastination and go after your goals.

Only a weak man would relax and keep hoping that one day every thing would magically fall in place, do not be like this. Laziness is one trait that slowly creeps into you without you even realizing it, and if you allow it then it would consume you and stop you from getting productive with your life. Only a weak man gives laziness a chance, as a man of high value learns to recognize laziness fast and rebuke it. Blaming other people for your actions and mistake is one bad trait that shows you are a weak man.

When you always blame people and never take accountability for you actions then you would never learn from your mistakes. Without failure there can be no success, so when you give up on something because of a one time failure then this makes you a weak man. You are never to let failure stop you from accomplishing your goals and purpose in life. . this source is from

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