M’membe calls for new type of politics.

We urgently need a new policy based on common morals, principles, values, norms and goals, says Socialist Party leader Fred M`membe. Dr. M`membe said that there is still much to do.“Last year, Zambia was ranked 123rd on the overall prosperity index. Since 2010, Zambia has dropped 12 places in the rankings. A country that once prided itself on its educational standards now spends so little on education that it ranks so low in the world. Our country, which used to be so low in the corruption index, is now one of the most corrupt nations in the world ”, he commented in his last publications in“ My two cents ”. “Today we live in a highly polluted moral environment. We have lost our common values, principles, standards and goals. We have learned to ignore ourselves, to take care only of ourselves. In Zambia today, love, friendship, compassion, justice, solidarity, fairness and humility have lost depth and dimension ”. He said that when he spoke of the polluted moral atmosphere, he spoke of everyone. “We have all become accustomed to a corrupt system and have accepted it as an immutable fact of life, so we help to maintain it. None of us are just its victims; we are all its co-creators. We urgently need a new way of doing things, a new kind of politics based on common morals, principles, values, standards and goals, ”said Dr. M`membe. “We need to teach ourselves and others that politics should be an expression of the desire to contribute to the happiness of the community rather than to deceive or violate the community. Let us teach ourselves and others that politics can not only be the art of the possible, especially when the “possible” includes the art of speculation, calculation, intrigue, secret deals and pragmatic maneuvers, but also it may be the art of the possible. possible the possible, the art of improving ourselves and the country ”. He said that we all have an obligation to make the country a better place. “We have the duty to fight for a more just, just and humane society. We should dream of such a republic. What are your two cents? ”Said Dr. M`membe 

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