The top ten Western North Artistes, the stats will shock you!

Finally Vimhype has decided to draw the line and bring all argument to an end on who is the top artist in the region.

On a daily scout the team of Vimhype decided to collect data of some artists in the western north region and reveal to the public who is the top artist in the music industry.

Our stats are based on some parameters that are available to the general public for vetting if they find anything like favouritism or nepotism in the data.

Our data were collected through these parameters the three top social media platforms and two top stream platforms, namely; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Audiomack.

We at Vimhype believe an artiste is said to be a top artiste when he or she has the numbers, meaning having a strong and large fan base.

That’s why will decided to come out with this data of the top ten artistes in the region depending on their fan base, across the top three social media and top two streaming platforms in the world.

Below is the chart for the top ten artists in western north region base on their fans.

The chart comes with the combination of all the five platforms fan base, for us to arrive at the total for each artist on the list.


The list start with the least to the highest.

10. Akingdick Di General – 2.6k fansbase

9. Ras Tafari Lizzes – 2.7k fanbase

8. Maxxie Boay – 3.3k fanbase

7. Kwasi Amewuga – 3.9k fanbase

6. King Virgin – 4.6k fanbase

5. Jubylant – 5.1k fanbase

4. Kojo Flash – 6.4K fanbase

3. Kojo Luda – 7.2k fanbase

2. Rgm Wonder Boay – 7.9k fanbase

1. Kwabena Lyta – 15.9k fanbase


The above chart was base on a critical analysis done by the team Vimhype.


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