The Story of Cudjo Lewis – the only slave who survived.

The Story Of Cudjo Lewis – The Only Slave Who Survived The Last Ship To Leave Africa For America BunaboyOct 16, 2021Read original Cudjo `Kazoola` Lewis was born in 1841 to a Yoruba family in Dahomey`s Banté area, which is now the Benin Republic. Cudjo began training as a soldier alongside other boys at the age of 14 and was initiated into Oro, a secret Yoruba male society that guarded the community. Cudjo Lewis went through another initiation at the age of 19 in order to marry a lady he had fallen in love with, but fate intervened. Cudjo was sold to a wealthy American ship captain named James Meaher. Cudjo served as a deckhand aboard his ship, and it was here that he acquired the name Cudjo, as James Meaher found it impossible to pronounce his birth names, Oluwale and Kassola. Cudjo Lewis and other slaves got their freedom after the American civil war ended in 1865. Cudjo changed his name to Lewis and married Abile, a fellow ex-slave, with whom he had five sons and a daughter. This source is from

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