Cocoacity hit the national entertainment screens with a big collabo.

A big wind has begun to blow across the western north entertainment industry this year.

As the whole nation is eagerly waiting for the most anticipated Patience EP from the current relevant rapper AMERADO.

Things has now been settled and the way is clear as Amerado feature Kojo Luda, the two times artist of the year of the most prestigious awards scheme in the region Iconz Media Awards.

Kojo Luda has been given a verse on the Selflessness track of the Patience EP with other two artists.

This is so far one of the biggest collaboration to happen in the western north music industry and could also sell the region on the international music platform.

We at Vimhype believe Kojo Luda is making this EP a dope one that will cause Ghanaian follow talent from the western north region.

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