I made hip pop relevant in the Western North Music Industry, Kojo Tommy lament!

Kojo Tommy

After a hard day work, Vimhype on our normal social media scouting for trends in the western north region, we were hit by the hip pop artiste Kojo Tommy.

Speaking to Vimhype, Kojo Tommy explain how he brought live into hip pop genre in the western north entertainment industry.

“I am the king of hip pop in the cocoacity hall of fame but am hearing niggers out there claiming to be king, I will like to use your platform to school them on how I made the industry juicy and now they’re claiming kingship,

Do they remember Radikal? Gone were the days when I and Radikal started this hip pop thing there, but because we focus on other projects. Guys are claiming kingship, W) mo fa study wo h) nom”. Kojo Tommy fire.

Kojo Tommy continue intricate on things that are happening in the Cocoacity industry, he said now the industry is now full of favouritism and nepotism.

Awards organisers only rewards those that have money instead of appreciating the ones who are promoting the industry with their talent.

According to Tommy the event organisers are not focus on promoting but rather raising fund to enrich themselves.

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He ended by saying “they should wait I am coming for them soon with those that are claiming hip pop kingship in Cocoacity”.


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