Gabby Otchere- Darko Recommend Sam George as Presidential Candidate for the NDC after his Anti- LGBTQ bill Statement.

Sam George

As the debate around the controversial antiLGBTQ bill continued, Danquah Institute founder Gabby OtchereDarko tipped off Sam George of NDC, one of the project’s sponsors. DPR member Ningo Prampram is at the forefront of supporting a bill that seeks to criminalize the activities of LGBTQ+ people.

If the Ghanaian Bill on the promotion of human sexual rights and family values is passed, people who engage in the practice could face up to five years in prison.

Part of the bill proposes that “any person, through the use of any means of communication, technology platform, technology account or any other means, produces, purchases, markets, broadcasts, disseminates, publishes or distributes material to promote activities prohibited under Articles of the Bill, or a person using an electronic device,

Internet service, film or other device capable of storing or transmitting electronically to produce, purchase, market, transmit, disseminate,

publish or distribute material for the purpose of promoting activities prohibited under the draft law commits a criminal offense and shall be punished with imprisonment for a minimum of five years and a maximum of ten years”.

Supporters say they have overwhelming support from Ghana, one of the reasons they are pushing for a speedy approval.

However, the law faced strong opposition as the parliamentary committee on constitutional and legal affairs received more than 120 reminders to finalize the bill. Summarize

As this memorandum came before the resumption of Parliament, Gabby OtchereDarko, who in the past has expressed her distaste for private member bills, shared her thoughts on the issue of numbers.

In a tweet on Saturday, NPP fans said: “If politics is all about populism and popularity, then I have fantastic news for the NDC: they have found their next presidential candidate and he is Ningo MP Prampram Sam George”.

“Young, articulate, motivated, brave and very popular. The main sponsor of the anti-LBGTQI bill,” he added.

Sam George has been at the mercy of the media for wooing support for a bill that attracted international attention amid mixed local reactions. As sarcastic as it may sound, Sam George doesn’t take that claim lightly.

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According to the MP, he has no interest in running for flagbearership role of his party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), adding that “…I completely focused on delivering my mandate to the people of NingoPrampram.”

I wholeheartedly endorse the return of John Mahama to rescue our Country from the abysmal presidency of your cousin Nana AkufoAddo,” he responded in reply to Mr OtchereDarko’s Twitter post.

The draft document also seeks to criminalize organizations that support or promote activities in the country.

Meanwhile, senior clerics and clerics have submitted memos to the DPR’s Constitutional and Legal Committee in support of the bill.

The Church of Pentecost has declared its readiness to vote out any political party that stands against the bill’s passage.

However, the Committee was also given a series of memos that contradicted the law. Supporters of the memorandum describe the bill as state-sponsored support for violence against minority groups and their human rights violations.

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“So far, our problem is the implication of how you want to deal with something we don’t agree with.

The church does not condone homosexual behavior; mosques don’t agree with homosexuals okay; individuals in Ghana disagree with homosexual behavior, okay; it’s their prerogative to disagree with them but how can we deal with it?” Dean of the Faculty of Communication University of Ghana.

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