vimhype. My life story at the senior high school*

My life story at the senior high school

im a high school student in my final year and this happened a little while back.I had to change schools cos my dad found a good job somewhere else in Accra. I was calm in my old school and it was boring since I didn’t have a social life. I wanted to also get a girlfriend since I never had one . I had a crush on a girl called Maya but she didn’t really look at me since it looks like she had a boyfriend but never confirmed it . We were just friends and we spoke from time to time.
She invited me to her house where they were having a little party. We had a good time and everyone was a bit tipsy. We were talking in her room and she finally told me that she knew I liked her for a really long time and tonight might be my lucky day. I was so nervous that my hands were shaking but she encouraged me to try anything I wanted with her .I was having a very good time to be honest until her friends called her downstairs our encounter was brought to an abrupt end .

We quickly dressed and headed downstairs. The event went well afterwards. She didn’t even make eye contact later during the evening. I went home confused and when I call her she pretends nothing happened. I’ve fallen for her but what do I do now ? I don’t want to force her or anything.
Charliee me i no love this girl when we first meet oh I no even ask her out e happen say we fuck as we fuck she come fall in love with me I come dey play her heart later on life hit me well. I mean time to level up for me I no see my guys or anybody to support me them show me fake love nobody come dey call my line to check on the boy he come happen say na only this girl dey my life cause I been day stay ghetto as na ghetto I been meet the girl later on I come play this girl say I don dey love you oh as I see all her effort over me she come dey try for me well so tay when I dey hungry she go steal her mama money give me omo later as this girl see say na only her i get shawaty come start wan dey chop my feelings omo I come dey tell this girl I no wan loose her as I no want make all her efforts be in vain over me later on shawty tell me say she get bestie me as a sharp know say this boy dey chop my girl at that time well i no talk based on say i dey try better my life at that time i dey work hard so tay depression hold me omo i no come fit let go of her omo to cut the story short as God bless my family we comot ghetto I come still try dey show this girl love cause I really dey grateful for everything she give me when i no see anybody by my side later on i still find out shawty dey cheat and that time me i plan say i wan start dey take care of her well later on i break up with shawaty as i see say she become stupid and wan come dey try use me when i don dey okay to take care of her shawaty get chance play my heart when i dey down i no fit cry even when cry dey do me that time when nobody dey for me Omo me no want shawty back but I dey try clear ever guy here say hustle get your money no let any woman play you me I dey very happy now but still single Sha na more money me dey find but I don learn say shawty no dey like guys way dey nice with them play your girl heart if she love you she go dey always come back to you if you try play her heart she leave shawty no love you as a guy use am to your advantage no let shawty get chance play your feelings make money and fuck with no feelings attached e dey make sense when shawty dey die over you as a guy you be peace✌️

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