The Ghana Education service has reformed the school selection process for 2021.

The Ghana Education Service has reformed the school selection process leading to the introduction of three 2021 BECE School Selection Reforms.

The changes are as follows

  1. Number of schools to be selected
    Each candidate will select 6 schools. Prior to 2021, BECE candidates choose only 5 schools during the school selection phase of the BECE registration. This implies candidates will now have schools ranging from category A to F this year.
  2. School categories updated
    The GES has updated the schools and the categories they belonged to. This means that a school that was in say category B may either move to category A or C or any other based on the GES criteria for classifying the Senior High Schools captured in the school list for the 2021 BECE candidates.
  3. Category D schools no longer only Day Schools
    Category D will not be only day schools as it used to be. This means the compulsory school category will have both day and boarding schools this year.

In 2020, many BECE graduates missed automatic school placement due to wrong school choices and programmes.

The 2021 BECE School Selection reforms are aimed at solving problems that face the computerized school placement system and the situation where a student fails to get placed in a Senior High School. This soir is from

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