Dating is good or bad watch out.*

Please, I am dating a girl for 2years now. Everything was cool and nice until when I run out of money in my accounts that when my phone got spoilt I couldn’t get a new one. I had to call her with a friend phone always to check up on her. Are communication was poor but I managed to make sure to hear from her always to make her smile. Until one day she told me she accepted her ex back. I asked her why and she said it because our communication is poor she felt lonely and wanted attention. I didn’t mind much about it. We came back to meet in college and I gave her the attention she needed, made her laugh but one day she asked for a break up. I asked why and she had nothing to tell me

I asked another time and she said it my behaviour, saying am not good. She broke up with me without my knowledge and was moving on with her ex boyfriend. She later came back telling me she loves me but can’t leave me. I accepted her back because I still love her . Now she is telling me again she loves her ex and can’t forget him too . She mostly give a lot of attention to her ex than to me. She always speak to her ex boyfriend and can sometimes pick up his calls Infront of me. I have spoke to her several times on she loving her ex boyfriend but she turns it into an argument. I don’t know what to do again. Can you help me out with advice?

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