Don’t abandoned your children, Psalm Adjeteyfio aka TT speaks. Video

Tears run down his eyes as he explained how he abandoned his own children to chase after a woman, whom he described as a demon.

Speaking to Delay on the Delay Show Mr Psalm Adjeteyfio aka TT the taxi driver told his story about how he forsake his own sperms to chase after a woman.

TT the taxi driver.

The popular Ghanaian actor Mr Adjeteyfio said after maltreading his children for a woman, now it’s the children that take care of me, the woman is gone.

Mr Psalm Adjeteyfio caution his fellow men out there not to abandoned their children for women, because in the long round the women might leave but the children will be there for you.

In tears he said “I was chasing a demon instead of taking care of my kids”.

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“Am happy they’ve forgiven me and are there for me in this crucial time”.

I pray no man does this !

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