Cocobod has started enrolment of the Cocoa farmers Pension Scheme.

Farmers being registered

The long awaited Cocoa farmers pension scheme which was announced by Government to be implemented for the well-being of Cocoa farmers,

Has finally started, the project is to register farmers for the scheme and a deduction of their sales will be allocated to the scheme for their future.

The Cocoa Farmers Pension Scheme (CFPS) pilot phase started today at New Edubiase in the Ashanti Region with farmers drawn from various cocoa-growing areas.

The Chairman of the Implementation Committee, Mr Charles Osei Akoto, said farmers will complete enrolment forms at the points of sale of cocoa and each time a farmer goes to weigh and sell cocoa, a 5% deduction is made as the farmer’s contribution.

He further elaborated that cocobod will make sure the deductions are fairly done and deposited at the respective institution.

Source: Cocobod Facebook

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